There are many safety issues facing our community, and there is no one solution to any of them. To stop the revolving door of repeated offenders, we must continue to lobby senior levels of government while also exploring local programs and solutions. We must work to stop overdose deaths in our community and increase access to healthcare by getting the Hospital Upgrade back on track. Finally, we must take better care of our roads and infrastructure to reduce accidents and vehicle damage.

  • Lobby the federal and provincial governments to end the revolving door of prolific offenders while exploring local solutions to reduce crime
  • Work towards implementing local solutions to address crime, like better programs and facilities for youth to keep young people safe and engaged
  • Repair and better maintain our roads and intersections to reduce accidents and vehicle damage
  • Attract new doctors and healthcare workers by offering incentives and new amenities so people have better access to healthcare
  • Work with other levels of government and local community organizations to address the overdose crisis